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Dennis Hines, MS, LPC, MAC

Licensed Professional Counselor

​Master Addictions Counselor
When Addictions hurt
People with hurts turn to addictions to releive the pain. When the relief of the addiction starts a worse cycle of pain and disruption than before, it's time to get help. Counseling helps restore your life.

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When Relationships break
Work and Family relationships can be challenging.  However, relationships can also be the most satisfying of all human experiences. If you are struggling with a relationship, HELP IS AVAILABLE.

​​When Parents Age

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Making decisions when caring for aging parents is always challenging and can be overwhelming to family members. For help with home care, home health, hospital based geriatric psychiatric programs, nursing home and long term care options, I am available for you and your loved one's emotional support.   

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When Sales Careers Slump
Every Sales Manager, Sales Person, and Marketing Professional experiences slumps in their productivity.  Sales Success Psychotherapy is a thorough 10 category assessment of all factors that impact sales success. The assessment is followed by an individualized coaching plan to help remove your barriers and restore you to sales success.

When Christian Faith Matters

Spiritual struggles impact every part of your life.  When you seek Christian Counseling, you are saying, "I want Christ to be the source of my healing and I want to understand how the Bible can be used to improve my life."
Dennis Hines, MS, LPC, MAC
Professional Speaking & Training Experience:
  • Aircrew Officer Intelligence Briefings (6 years)
  • University Psychology Professor for 3 years
  • Healthcare Sales & Marketing Training Specialist
  • 75 Healthcare Continuing Education Programs created
  • Hospital Nurse & Social Worker training (18 years)
  • Speaker at VA Medical Center, Dallas, TX 
  • Speaker at 35+ Different Hospitals in North Texas
  • Churches, youth retreats, summer camps Seattle & Dallas
  • Training for State Insurance Agents Assoc., Austin, TX (2 yrs)
  • Sermons & Bible Studies crowds to 900 people (12 years)

Available to Speak on:
  • All Stressed Up and No Place to Blow
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stages of Aging
  • Geriatric Care Management
  • Communication Skills Development
  • The Healing Power of Humor 
  • Request a list of other available topics 
Available to speak to:

Employee Groups
Brown Bag Lunches
Sales or Marketing Staff
Sales Managers
Business Owners