Sales Success Psychotherapy
with Dennis Hines, MS, LPC, MAC

Doug is a top sales person in his organization consistently earning over $200,000 per year.  I worked in sales at the same compawith him in Dallas, TX.  But, when Doug had a 3 month sales slump when he was running 2-3 preset, prequalified appointments per day, he struggled for months to get back on top.  ​When a successful sales person is in a  sales slump, that too is about psychology.  
You may have faced something similar.  

Zig Ziglar said, "Sales is a transfer of emotion."  
When you are distracted or down, you don't sell as much.  However, it is often difficult to move past it alone. 

Whether you are a Rookie Sales Rep or a Seasoned Pro, get out of your slump faster with Sales Slump Recovery

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Successful Sales is all about psychology.
Sales Success Psychotherapy starts with the SSP 10,
a Ten Dimensional Sales Success Assessment for helping you avoid or recover from a sales slump.  Waiting only makes getting out of a slump harder and it takes longer.